News does the most good when everyone can read it.

Join the NICKLpass network and reach a diverse audience of paying readers who care about getting the best news coverage, wherever it comes from.

How does NICKLpass work for publishers?

Nicklpass acts as a single sign-on service for enterprise customers that want to purchase bulk subscriptions for their workforce; NICKLpass faciliates customer acquisition for publishers.

Whether you’re a publication or journalist who supports their work with subscriptions, ads, or donations (or all three), NICKLpass can help you tap into a sustainable and growing audience of paying news readers, enterprise customers. Capture additional revenue from non-subscribers by making your publication accessible through NICKLpass.

If you’re interested in partnering with NICKLpass, please contact us at

How do I get paid?

License access to your content to NICKLpass and get paid on a usage basis. You get to keep your existing audience (wherever you’ve built it), and add additional revenue from readers who enjoy your journalism but wouldn’t otherwise subscribe.

What about ads?

Our goal is to protect and diversify publishers’ revenue streams, including ad revenue. For this reason, NICKLpass does not block ads hosted on news sites’ own pages. Your platform, your rules.