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Access news articles, research reports, videos, and data from multiple sources with one login. Get more sources and more seats as your team grows.

Never be slowed by a paywall when you need information the most.

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Why Nicklpass?

Easy Access

Our browser extension and mobile app manages all of your news and information subscriptions in one place so you can get information when you need it most.

Better Management

Our system enables you to easily assign any number of teammates access to news and information sources your organization reads the most.

Scale Affordably

Take advantage of enterprise rates from premium news, information and data sources through one platform.

We support integration with

200+ news, information

and data sources

Get access to premium news and information sources across different verticals and industries. Custom solutions available for sources not in network.

Does your team already have access to NICKLpass?

Get our Nicklpass iOS Mobile App

  • Access news and information your team has subscriptions for on mobile.
  • Easily save and share articles and video that would better inform or inspire teammates
  • Get through paywalls you encounter on mobile browsers by sending links to the Nicklpass app.

Use our extension to access the paywalled and premium news articles you want to read, all without leaving your browser.

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